Saturday, April 7, 2012

Self Sufficiency, Sustainability, Personal Security of Food Supply and Fresh Water?

Land in Nevada with Water Rights is available for sale today Call Chris W. Miller at 435-862-5951

Looking for a nice sustainable life style on some farm land or ranch operation? We have small land parcels ideal for Produce farming near Las Vegas, and Cattle Ranch Land operations, high quality Alfalfa farms across Nevada. All have water rights, many with irrigation pivots. Some are smaller gravity flow irrigation from surface water rights with priority dating back as far as 1873. 

Lincoln Estates 1000 Acres, Many Potential Uses, includes 2540 Acre Feet of Ground Water Rights.

Rainbow Canyon Live Stream runs through property with surface water rights 1873 priority dates!

Flatnose Ranch680 Acres Alfalfa

Mathews Farm266 acres between Caliente and Panaca in Lincoln County

Adams Peak Alfalfa Farm1600 Irrigated Alfalfa Acres

Eden Valley Alfalfa Farm 4.5 Sqaure Miles of deeded Alfalfa Farm with 18 Pivots, Approx 2300 Irrigated Acres

Small acreage land parcels also available in Lincoln County Nevada with three acres starting at $15,000.

Nice home site, room for animals, garden, orchard, beautiful views of Meadow Valleyand PanacaSummit Mountainsto the East. Located in Lincoln County, NVbetween Caliente and 6.5 miles South of Shell Station in Panaca on West side of Hwy 93. Less than a tank of gas from Las Vegas. Needs well and septic, for more information call Chris W Miller 435-862-5951
Domestic wells in Nevadaare allowed to pump up to two acre feet of water per year, that is over 50,000 gallons per month for domestic use. Call Chris for a list of local well drillers to get more information.
Farm Life? Self Sufficiency, Sustainability, Personal Security of Food Supply and Fresh Water? Raise animals, gardens, orchards. Great Farmers Market in Caliente.

Peace, Quite, and Clean Fresh Air! Water our Most Precious Limited Resource!

Chris W. Miller
Vegas Grand Realty and Property Management

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