Monday, November 30, 2009

Water Rights, Food Supply, Real World Issues, Copenhagen's Missing Ingredient

When the well runs dry
Las Vegas depends on Lake Mead, the Colorado River for its water supply. So do the other six states that are parties to the

Colorado River Pact of 1922.

California grows much of the produce you eat.

The Ogallala
has been over drafted for the last 60 years and it will not last forever. From the North Plains District,

The Ogallala Aquifer within the boundaries of the North Plains Groundwater Conservation District is declining at an average of 1.74 feet per year (1,082,631 acre ft).

Could the well run dry and if so what next?

Can they conserve and save it?

The Memphis Alluvial

along the Mississippi River is being over drafted to the extreme in places, who would have thought this part of the country would have water issues.

Washington State certainly gets plenty of rain how could they have water problems? Yet

Washington State has an aquifer in trouble.

While they argue about global warming at The Copenhagen Conference

and the politicians figure out cap and tax, our ground water,

our aquifers,

are in trouble all over the country.

Water rights in Nevada are owned as an appurtenance to the land.

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